Improving Efficiency

Technology in itself doesn’t necessarily improve efficiency: it is the way that it unlocks service and process transformation that achieves results. Across the breadth of our client base we have proven that our technology can do that.

Implementation is always with the end result in mind. We make use of our long experience to help define the best roadmap for our clients - deploying new technologies, sharing services, outsourcing services or simply streamlining processes - all designed to help reduce cost and make officers and staff more effective and efficient in their daily operations.

Here are some examples of the way that Capita’s solutions can help you to achieve greater efficiency through improved services and processes:

Case management - PoliceWorks® Case is a fully integrated case management solution. It ensures that only those documents required for the case are completed. A resource planning tool includes a chronological timeline of case tasks and deadlines assigned to team members, allowing the efficient management of workloads.

Custody management - PoliceWorks® Custody includes a unique ‘electronic whiteboard’ that keeps custody staff fully informed of the status and location of all detainees, using clear and recognisable iconography. Timed events, such as PACE reviews, observation visits and the administration of medication are clearly displayed and highlighted as they become due.

Court session management - CourtWorks® Court Diary provides scheduling clerks with a powerful tool to configure and manage court rooms and court room loadings. Court sessions can be easily configured for single or multiple rooms, across any date range or court tier.