Delivering Innovation

Constant innovation is the norm these days, but it can be difficult to distinguish between the superficially attractive and the genuinely valuable. A lot of time can be wasted on innovation for the sake of innovation unless service providers properly understand a client’s needs AND the capability of new technology.

Capita’s skilled experts assess what’s available and identify the best of the new. At the same time we can call on our pool of talented specialists who use their imagination, skills and experience to come up with fresh ways of doing things, tailored for your business.

But even the best innovation will only deliver benefits if they are implemented properly, by people who understand in depth what they’re doing. When it comes to applying new ideas we ensure that the innovations you choose are embedded properly in your business.

Here are some examples of the way that Capita’s solutions deliver innovation for practical benefit:

Joined-up processes - PoliceWorks® has been developed as a series of modules around a common data model. This means that, for example, once information has been entered into the Crime solution it can be reused in the Custody and Case solutions.

Using data beyond the police - The ability to manage all evidence digitally opens up greater capability for exchanging it with partner agencies and third parties such as solicitors. This is what PoliceWorks® delivers: a truly joined up digital case file that can seamlessly pass through the police and criminal justice system to the courts and beyond, even as far as prisons and probation if required.

Workflow tools - The management of detainees and activities in the custody environment is an area of particularly sensitive interactions between officers and the public. PoliceWorks® Custody uses workflow tools to take officers step-by-step through processes, while allowing experienced officers to perform the same tasks in the way that suits them best.