Creating Flexibility

Flexibility is about being able to react speedily in a climate of fast and unpredictable change. One example that stands out is that the public expects to engage with the public sector in ways that were not even dreamt about little more than a decade ago. Capita ensures that our solutions are developed to work in this changing multi-channel landscape.

Capita’s size greatly contributes to our agility in helping you keep pace with change. Our teams don’t work in silos, but instead can cooperate to share knowledge, experience and expertise with customer-focused solution development in mind.

Flexibility is also a feature of the way we work. We are agile in response to unexpected changes to your requirements and offer a range of service delivery models, from traditional partnerships to joint ventures and shared services.

Here are some examples of the way that Capita’s solutions can enable you to act with flexibility when developing your services and processes:

Modular solutions - PoliceWorks® comprises a number of individual modules that use the same core POLE data store. All modules share a common interface and provide seamless integration. PoliceWorks® can be deployed as individual modules or as a full record management system.

Flexible integration - PoliceWorks® uses an Enterprise Service Bus to provide secure and proven integration with national systems including PNC, Libra, CPS and Livescan. This technology can be extended further via configuration to support integration with local systems including command and control, web forms and mobile working solutions.

Requirements capture and development - When designing solutions, our team works closely with subject matter experts during the requirements capture and design phase to ensure that the solution will meet current and future needs. Providing this level of flexibility allows customers to manage their solution in line with their business requirements.