Changing Behaviours

Changing behaviour can focus on the way your people carry out their internal processes or the way they engage with service users. Either way, technology can truly transform the way things are done to reduce cost, mend broken processes and increase public confidence in services.

The right technology can help contact centre staff to treat calls from the public more effectively, and help police officers to respond in a different way. It can also shape new ways for support to be provided to victims and witnesses within the criminal justice system. Many more situations like these have been addressed by organisations with the support of Capita.

Here are some examples of the way that Capita’s solutions enable organisations to achieve positive behaviour change:

Following consistent processes - For the police, Capita is providing tools like the workflow system within PoliceWorks® Custody. This takes officers step-by-step through the correct process to embed compliant behaviour in day-to-day working.

Seamless exchange of data - Capita were the first provider to fully support the Two Way Interface and automate the exchange of data between police forces and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Leveraging investments in technology - Our consultancy teams provide a range of services in relation to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint solutions. Our consultants provide recommendations for improvements to ensure that users of these platforms work in ways that are more efficient and better for customers, colleagues or other stakeholders involved.