Capita’s portfolio is continually developing and improving through conversation with our customers and the wider communities that we serve. Our aim is to develop solutions that meet current needs and remain relevant in the future.

A good way to understand the role that our solutions play for our customers is to consider the outcomes that they are designed to achieve. Across the six categories covered here – behaviours, flexibility, efficiency, innovation, risk and communities - we have provided some examples of the outcome-focused approach we take to development.

Capita is of course a part of the wider Capita organisation. With our colleagues across the organisation we deliver solutions that cover processes within policing, the emergency services and the criminal justice system.

The diagram below illustrates the breadth of these services, from initial contact with the public to managing the response and beyond. It recognises that our wide-ranging client base will have differing needs in each area, but that they may be interested in our products and expertise in other areas.