PoliceWorks® Property

The PoliceWorks® Property management module is used throughout the PoliceWorks® suite.

The Property module can be accessed independently for the management of lost and found property together with seamless integration to the following areas;

  • The Investigations Module for the management of stolen property and items found as part of an Investigation.
  • The Stop and Search module to capture items/objects seized as a result of a search.
  • The Custody Module for the management of property stored for detainees
  • The Intelligence module allows items of property to be linked when capturing Intelligence reports.

A single property store allows information to be shared and accessed across all module areas and when recording property, a search facility will notify the user if a particular item of property has been lost, found or stolen as appropriate.

The property module allows property bags to be recorded, tagged and stored, detailing content which can subsequently be converted to evidence as required. The module also manages the movement of property together with the review and disposal process.