PoliceWorks® Investigations

The PoliceWorks® Investigations module encompasses the management of Crime (HOCR recordable and PNLD offences) and Non-Crime Events including Missing Persons, Anti Social Behaviour, Public Protection, Child Welfare and Adult Welfare.

It provides officers with access to previous history in relation to an event, location or person record at the touch of a button. Previous Investigation information is displayed, together with data stored within other PoliceWorks® modules.

Linked information can either be viewed textually within an associated event or via ‘visualisation’ which provides the user with a graphical mechanism of viewing links and associations to other records within POLE using a network diagram.

A configurable Policy Engine facility allows the solution to automatically generate tasks in relation to an Investigation record to ensure that Crime and Non Crime Investigation records are managed in a consistent way. A user dashboard provides the facility to view, access and update outstanding tasks and allocated events with a touch of a button.

The PoliceWorks® Investigations module fully supports compliance with the National Crime Recording Standard and provides seamless integration and access to data within other PoliceWorks® modules.

Investigations may change or expand by duplication or linking (e.g. a Missing Person may become a Crime Investigation with a linked RTC). Ultimately Investigation records may be closed or finalised by a valid outcome.