PoliceWorks® Intelligence

The PoliceWorks® Intelligence module provides users with facilities to record, classify, sanitise and disseminate Intelligence reports in support of the National Intelligence Model.

Using the PoliceWorks® core POLE data store, officers have access to a wide range of Intelligence information and details of links between People, Objects, Locations and Events which can be developed further in the context of an Intelligence report.

The PoliceWorks® visualisation tool provides a new dimension of analysis displaying graphical links between POLE data, allowing users to view associations with information captured within an Intelligence report, and allowing users to access associated information.

Comprehensive role-based security and permissions within the module ensure that users can only access the intelligence information when they have the authority to do so.

As with all PoliceWorks® modules, the Intelligence module incorporates standard tasking functionality. Within Intelligence, tasking is used to manage the allocation and completion of tasks across multiple officers and teams in relation to Intelligence operations. A user dashboard provides the facility to view, access and update outstanding tasks and allocated events with a touch of a button.