PoliceWorks® Drink Drive

The PoliceWorks® Drink Drive module has been developed to provide police forces with a compliant solution for working through the drink drive process. It will significantly simplify the way that your officers work and save them time by taking them through an efficient end-to-end process.

Throughout each procedure, it provides officers with advice, guidance and warnings to ensure fields are not missed. Having this solution in place therefore ensures adherence to procedure and a consistent approach across the force.

There is also a full audit trail to further reduce the possibility of loopholes or challenges, offering the potential for significant cost savings, even just factoring in a reduction of five challenges per year.

Officers are guided through the Manual of Guidance Drink/Drug Drive (MG DD) pro forma, providing a digital output for automatic inclusion in the e-case file.

The solution also has excellent management information capability. Reports and analysis on trends and campaigns at region, force, station and officer levels can be provided instantaneously.

Every police force knows the devastating impact that drink-related road traffic accidents have. Being able to increase prosecution rates and letting people see that justice is being done sends a very strong message to the public and interested parties in your area.