PoliceWorks® Custody

The PoliceWorks® Custody Module provides a complete prisoner management solution that is fully compliant with PACE and its attendant Codes of Practice.

It supports officers by taking them step-by-step through workflow-based processes, while allowing experienced officers to perform the same tasks in the way that suits them best. The workflow processes are built around PACE legislation to ensure compliance at each stage.

Throughout the process, a fully electronic custody record is maintained, supporting the Digital First initiative from the very start. Features include electronic signature capture, a full electronic detention log, full property management and management of detainee movements through custody.

PoliceWorks® Custody’s unique take on the whiteboard ensures that custody staff are kept fully informed of the status and location of all detainees. Clear and recognisable iconography is used, rather than complex acronyms and codes. Timed events, such as PACE reviews, observation visits and the administration of medication are clearly displayed and highlighted as they become due.