The PoliceWorks® Records Management System is Capita's next generation, fully integrated, policing solution. It comprises a number of individual modules that cover everything from before arrest through to case preparation. All or any of the individual modules can be selected and implemented as required.

PoliceWorks® has been designed using advanced technology platforms to provide users with a look and feel that is both familiar and intuitive.

The PoliceWorks® data model has been designed to fulfil the Police National Database (PND) strategic approach for data requirements to support operational policing; principally the Person, Object, Location and Event (POLE) data model.

This blend of specialist modules around a single data model enables forces to link processes in a more seamless way than has previously been possible. This opens the door to improved operational effectiveness. At the same time, it adds more automation across several processes to unlock significant efficiency savings.

PoliceWorks® is built on a modern architecture which supports seamless integration to national systems including Libra, PNC and PND, together with the flexibility to integrate with other third party solutions, supporting access to critical information and ensuring that information is only captured once.

The PoliceWorks® solution is designed to support and promote digital working, removing the need for paper case files. Through PoliceWorks® the ‘digital first’ concept is fully supported, encouraging Forces to collect information once in a digital form at the point of contact on the front line.

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