Our Products

Technology has a crucial role to play in operational activity within UK police Forces and Capita is leading the way in innovation for more effective and efficient policing.

Centred around our PoliceWorks® records management system, our solutions provide critical support, from mobile and agile working to digital evidence gathering and storage.

Some themes that Capita’s police solutions embrace include the following:

Information sharing - Police officers work better when they have access to relevant, accurate and up-to-date information. That information takes many forms, from simple text-based records to video footage. Capita provides Forces with a data model that fulfils POLE requirements and the means for sharing that data.

Mobile working - The key to sharing information effectively is giving officers mobile and agile access to back office solutions. Capita’s SmartWorks mobile solution provides this capability and integrates well with PoliceWorks®, which can also be integrated with other mobile solutions.

Efficiency - In other sectors, people have embraced the need for reducing the rekeying of data. Police forces are joining in that trend and our solutions provide ways to enable officers closest to events to input information straight into systems, rather than adding another layer of data entry.

Ease of use - Officers don’t have time to navigate complicated user interfaces; nor do they want to spend weeks on technology-related training courses. That’s why intuitive functionality that requires little training is always an objective for our frontline solutions developers. The result is officers spending less time on paperwork and more time delivering the service.

As well as providing PoliceWorks®, Capita Case and Record Solutions is joined by other divisions within Capita in developing and delivering solutions for the police: visit Capita Communication and Control Solutions and Capita Secure Digital Solutions for more information.