Our Markets

Capita has been working with the UK’s police forces for over 35 years, building a deep knowledge of police processes during this time. Much of our experience has been gained as long-term key supplier of operational support solutions in the shape of the NSPIS programme. This knowledge is a vital ingredient in our ability to implement solutions that directly address the challenges of policing today.

An ongoing investment in product development and innovation means that our solutions continue to support changes in policing and improved collaboration between agencies across the criminal justice system.

Providing support for forces as they embrace new ways of working driven by technological change is also a priority. A good example is the way that digital camera technology – such as body worn video and other mobile devices – is presenting the police with the challenge of cataloguing, analysis, sharing and using this evidence.

Capita’s innovative technology-led solutions provide secure, scalable repositories coupled with all the tools necessary to make this process as efficient as possible. This includes, where applicable, the use of automated algorithms, workflow and image processing.

Another objective that we are committed to supporting is using technology to increase the efficiency with which the police serves the public. The pressure on budgets of recent years is set to continue through the decade and beyond, so Capita’s ongoing investment in more effective tools will prove to be a valuable asset for UK policing.