IT Solutions Survey


Capita Case and Record Solutions have over 30 years of experience delivering Case Management solutions to a wide range of organisations across the Private and Public sectors.

Our portfolio includes solutions for national Courts, Police Records Management and a vast range of Case management solutions built using COTS platforms.

Our team of highly experienced software engineers have a passion in delivering your success. We invest continually in our employees to ensure that their skills keep up with the rapid pace of change in software ensuring that your solutions are fit for purpose for now and for the future.

Our teams work closely in partnership with organisations in order to understand their challenges and demands, providing recommendations of the best use of technology to support business processes.

The Survey

Working with Exec Survey, Capita Case and record solutions recently conducted a customer questionnaire in order to understand more about the use of IT systems across businesses.

We were delighted with the number of people who took the time to complete the questionnaire and the results make very interesting reading.  This article provides a high level summary of the results, picking out a number of key areas; details of all responses can be found in the attached report.

As a solution and service provider we seek to understand the challenges that customers face using IT solutions within their organisations, to ensure that we can continue to offer and support the most efficient and effective use of technology.  We recognise that organisations often need to change the way they work to meet the demands of their evolving business requirements and customer needs, alongside the continued advances in technology.

IT systems are now inherent parts of modern business processes but they often present challenges in a number of key areas. Below outlines a number of key themes which were identified in the response to the questionnaire that we feel are fundamental issues that we can address via the implementation of modern IT systems and supporting processes.

We found that 70% of organisations that we surveyed reported that processes have been developed over the years which are becoming difficult to manage in existing systems.

Systems Integration

It is not always possible to store all information in a single system, so integration is often essential to support end to end business processes. There are many different ways that information can be integrated and our teams can identify the most suitable solution based on the technology capability and supporting business process.

Modern integration mechanisms can seamlessly present information in real time as well as being able to search, create and update data in other systems.

Multiple Entry of Data & Manual Intervention

Lack of integration with other solutions can sometimes mean that the same data needs to be entered in multiple systems. 71% of the responses in the questionnaire stated a lack of integration between other IT systems.

In some instances, businesses devise spreadsheets and simple databases to hold and manage additional data which may be required to support management information and provide a complete picture across multiple systems.

The questionnaire identified 87% of responses where manual systems such as spreadsheets are used within an organisation to manage data and processes together with 82% of responses where current systems rely on manual intervention in order to complete processes.

Flexible Access to Solutions

Changes to software solutions in line with business process are often constrained by the technology platform. In some instances, systems cannot be changed due to technical or resource constraints and in other instances, the business may be reliant on a third party supplier to make such changes.

83% of the questionnaire responses suggested that organisations would need to review use of solutions via mobile devices and 68% of the responses reported that organisations may benefit from the delivery of solutions via a web browser interface.

Legacy Solutions Constraining Working Practice

Many legacy solutions have limited support either from an internal IT department or via a third party technology vendor. As a result, solutions may not keep pace with business changes and can result in the solution constraining working practice. 72% of the questionnaire responses suggested that existing solutions constrains the way that organisations work.

Capita Case and record solutions provide expert knowledge and experience in the best use of technology in line with an organisations business needs.


Changes to software solutions in line with business process are often constrained by the technology platform. In some instances, systems cannot be changed due to technical, or resource constraints and in other instances, the business may be reliant on a third party supplier to make such changes.

Capita Case and record solutions provide solutions based on a modern scalable off the shelf technology platform which includes the flexibility for business to make changes to business processes. This ensures that the solution can move in pace with the business and continually benefit from improvements that are made to the platform. Our questionnaire identified 79% of responders that recognised that they were likely to need help from external suppliers to develop and support solutions going forward.

Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Services

We provide a range of consultancy services including analysis, development, configuration, data migration and integrations using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint platforms.

The Dynamics CRM platform provides out of the box capability includes standard functionality for sales, marketing and service and provides the ability to manage data and automate business processes via configuration.

The flexibility of the platform enables it to be extended beyond the out of the box standard modules and provides an extensive tool-kit for the delivery of business specific functionality, providing an excellent fit for case management.

Microsoft SharePoint provides a platform for collaboration, supporting information sharing, document storage, workflow, version control and website development. Our team can provide the expertise in customising and implementing a tailored solution to deliver optimum results.